Russian Generals Of The Napoleonic Wars Period

One Little Note

Because the main part of materials are from the rather old sources remember please that almost all dates are given in the Russian old style (the Julian calendar that was in use in Russia till 1917). If a date is given in the new (Gregorian)style , there will be a note in brackets. The difference between Julian and Gregorian calendars depends on the number of the century. For XVIII century the difference is - 11 days, for XIX century - 12 days and for XX and XXI century - 13 days. So the date of the Borodino battle in the old (Julian) style is August,26 and in the new (Gregorian) style it will be September, 7.

To know more about each general, please click his portrait below or his name in the navigation alphabetical bar.

Alexander Suvorov

Mickhail Barclay de Tolly

Michail Kutuzov

Petr Bargation

Alexander Tormasov

Petr Wittgenstein

Alexey Ermolov

Jacob Kulnev

Denis Davydov


Nickolay Raevsky

Andrey Gorchakov

Illarion Vasilchikov (1st)

Sergey Volkonsky (4th)

Matvey Platov


Alexander Tuchkov (4th)


Michail Miloradovich

Dmitry Dokhturov

Ivan Dorokhov


Petr Konovnitsin

Fedor Uvarov

Vasily Orlov-Denisov

Karl Baghowut

Vasily Kostenetsky


Alexander Kutaisov

Dmiltry Neverovsky

Matvey Khrapovitsky

Jakov Potemkin

Michail Kamensky


Alexandr of Wurttemberg

Nickolay Depreradovich

Michail Vorontsov

Leonty Bennigsen

Dmitry Shepelev


Ferdinand Wintzingerode

Alexey Scherbatov

Nickolay Ilovaisky

Ivan Inzov

Karl Toll


Akim Karpov


Alexey Bakhmetev

Ivan Diebitsch

Alexander Langerone

Ivan Paskevich




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