Nickolay Ivanovich Depreradovich
( 1767 - 1843 )

General of Cavalry

Nickolay Ivanovich Depreradovich had a Serbian origin.
He began his military service in the Valashsky hussar regiment. In 1778 he got the officer rank and took part in the Polish campaign as an officer of the Ukrainian hussar regiment.

He participated in the second Russian-Turkish war as a volunteer and in the Polish campaign of 1792.

He became a colonel of the Life-Guard Hussar regiment. In 1803 Depreradovich was appointed the commander of the Cavalergardsky regiment, and was on this post for 23 years, even when he commanded the Reserve Cavalry Corps.

He participated in wars against France. For the excellent charge of his Cavalergardsky regiment in the Austerlitz battle he was decorated with the order of St.George of the 3rd class.

In the campaign of 1807 he took part in the battles of Guttstadt and Friedland. In 1810 he was appointed the commander of the 1st Cuirassier Division being at the same time the commander of the Cavalergardsky regiment.

Russian Cavalry Guards 1804-1807 (by Schübler)

His regiment in 1812 fought in the battles of Vitebsk, Smolensk, Borodino, Tarutino, Maloyaroslavets, Viazma and Krasny. He was well-known as an excellent cavalry commander.

He distinuished himself in the campaign of 1813-1814. He participated in the battles of Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden and Leipzig and in 1814 he distinguished in the battles of Kulm and Fure-Champenoise. For these battles he got the rank of lieutenant-general and was rewarded with a gold sword with diamonds.

In 1821 Depreradovich was appointed the commander of the 1st Reserve Cavalry Corps. In 1826 he was promoted to the rank of general of cavalry.

In 1835 he retired but till his last days he worked in the Committee of Wounded.

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