Akim Akimovich Karpov
( 1767 - ?? )

Lieutenant-General of Don Cossacks

Akim Akimovich Karpov began his military service as a private cossack on the Caucasian frontier line and participated in many affairs with Caucasian highlanders and marches over the river Kuban and to Chechnya.

In 1797 Premier-Major Karpov was ordered to form the two first companies of horse artillery of the Don cossack troops and command them. With these two companies Karpov took part in the famous march to India by order of Emperor Paul I. But the march was suddenly stopped after the death of Paul.

Karpov took part in the Russian-Turkish war of 1806-1812 in the rank of colonel and distinguished in many battles: Zhurzha, Brailov, Rassevat and others, he participated in the capture of fortress Silistria and in the battle of Ruschuk.
For this campaign Karpov got the rank of major-general, a golden sword and was decorated with three military orders, the Order of St.George among them.

Karpov took a very active pat in the campaign of 1812 in Russia. In the beginning of war Major-General Karpov commanded a composite unit consisted of 8 and later of 10 Don cossack regiments in the 2nd Western Army. He participated almost in all main battles of this campaign from Mir to Berezina. For the war of 1812 he was decorated with the Order of St.George of 3rd Class and the diamond decorations of the Order of St.Anna of 1st Class.

In the campaign of 1813-1814 Karpov and his cossacks distinguished in very many battles too and took part in the capture of Paris.

Cossacks in Paris in 1814 looking at caricatures of themselves (by Opits)

For the victory in the battle of La Rotiere Karpov was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general.

After the end of war Karpov was appointed the commander of whole Don cossack horse artillery.

General-Lieutenant Karpov retired in 1836.

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