Alexey Nickolaevich Bakhmetev

General of Infantry

He began his military service in 1790 in The Life-Guard Izmailovsky regiment. Thanks to his commanding abilities in 1800 he was promoted to the rank of major-general and became the chief of the Siberian grenadier regiment. With this regiment he distinguished in the Russian-Turkish war of 1806-1812. In 1809 General Bakhmetev was ordered to harass the Turkish troops near Brailov. In the battle of Rassevat he commanded the Arkhangelogorodsky and Vologodsky infantry regiments. Also he distinguished in the battle at Tataritsa, in that he commanded the center of the Russian square and was wounded. For this battle he got the Order of St. George.

Then he took part in the storm of the Silistria and Shumla fortresses, defeated Turks at the Chigrikoy village and participated in the assault of Ruschuk fortress where he was heavily wounded.

In the beginning of campaign of 1812 Bakhmetev was the commander of the 20th Infantry Division that was a part of the 1st Russian Western Army. Bakhmetev distinguished in the defence of the town of Ostrovna. He took active part in the Borodino battle and in this battle he was seriously wounded: an enemy cannon-ball tore off his leg. It was the end of his military service.

For the Borodino battle he was rewarded with the rank of lieutenant-general. After recovering he was appointed the Podolsk Military Governor. In 1823 he was promoted to the rank of general of infantry. In 1825 he was the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Simbirsk and Penza. In 1828 he became a member of the State Council of the Russian Empire.

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