Alexander Fedorovich Langerone

General of Infantry (1811), Statesman, Count (Graf)

Louis-Alexander-Andro Graf de Langerone, marquis de la Kross was born in Paris in 1763 (January,13). When he was sixteen he was enlisted to an infantry regiment in the rank of second lieutenant.

In 1792 he was in the regiment under the command of Marquis Laval Montmorency sent to North America to help the Americans fighting against the British. He took part in many battles not only in North America but in South America too and in 1783 he came back to France.

After beginning of the French Revolution Langerone left Paris and went to Austria, but there his services were useless and he went to Russia.

In Russia in 1790 he began his military service in the 1st Siberian Grenadier regiment, this regiment was a part of Potemkin's Army on the Danube.

But very soon he was offered to take part in the war against Swedes. So the colonel of a grenadier regiment became the commander of the 2nd Division of the Flotilla of Prince Nassau-Siegen. He distinguished in this campaign and was decorated with the Order of St.George of 4th Class.

After the war against Sweden Langerone went to the Danube and fought against Turks and participated in the storm of the Turkish fortress of Izmail under the command of Suvorov.

After this war Marquis Langerone went to Germany to took part in the war against the French Republic and participated in many battles. After the defeat of the anti-French coalition Langerone returned to Russia.

Langerone took part in the campaign of 1805 against France and commanded the 2nd column of the General Buxhoeveden's army in the battle of Austerlitz.

In 1807 Langerone was sent to the Danube Army to fight against the Turks and distinguished in many battles in this campaign too.

In the Russian campaign of 1812 Langerone was in the Moldavian army of Admiral Chichagov.

He In 1813-1814 he participated in the blockade of Torun. For capture Torun Langerone got the Order of St. George of 2nd class.

After this Landerone took part in the battles in Bautzen, Leipzig, Souasson.

After all campaigns he returned to Russia where Langeron at first commanded the 4th Infantry Corps, and then the 6th Infantry Corps. In 1815 he was the Military Governor of Kherson, the Mayor of Odessa and Commander-in-Chief of Bug and Black Sea Cossacks.

In 1823 Langerone retired and went to France. But he did not live there for a long time and in 1828 he came back to Russia and Russian military service. He participated in the Russian-Turkish war, commanded the troops and distinguished himself again. But after this war he retired again and lived in private.

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