Nickolay Grigorievich Repnin-Volkonsky

Prince (Knyaz), General of Cavalry, General Aide-de-Camp

Repnin-Volkonsky was born in 1778. He graduated 1st military school and began his service in the Life-Guard Izmailovsky regiment. But on September 1802 he passed to the Cavalry Guard regiment.

He took part in the campaign of 1805 and the battle of Austerlitz. In the Austerlitz battle Nickolay Repnin was wounded in breast, shell-shocked and taken prisoner. When he was in captivity, Napoleon offered to set him free honestly.
- But I swore - said the prisoner - and you are my Motherland's enemies so I must fight against you.
But Napoleon set him free without any obligations. For the Austerlitz battle Replnin-Volnonsky was decorated with the Order of St.George of 4th Class. But after this campaign his health was very poor and he had to leave the military service.

He returned to the military service in 1812 when Napoleon's army entered Russia. In this campaign Repnin-Volkonsky commanded the 9th Cavalry Division in the Corps of Field-Marshal Wittgenstein. He took part in the battles in Kliastitsy, Svolny, Polotsk, Chashniky. For the campaign of 1812 Repnin-Volkonsky got the Order of St.George of 3rd Class.

Repnin-Volkonsky participated in the campaign of 1813-1814. On February,20 of 1813 the Russian troops under his command captured Berlin. For some time he was the General-Governor of the Saxon Kingdom and after the war for long years he was the General-Governor of Malorossja (Ukraine).

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